New Money System

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New Money System

Postby vbwyrde on Mon Nov 18, 2013 10:19 am

I have finished implementing the new feature as recommended by Chris in regards to the money system in the Elthos web application. GMs can now go in and either change their money to the default world or create their own money denominations. The Base Currency is selected by the GM (a base currency is for example "Dollar") and that will show up throughout the website as the label for currency values. So if I named the Base Currency for my world "Dinaro" then on all places where values for money are shown it would say something like "Character Money: 200 Dinaro". You can change the money of your world by going to the Administration > Objects > Manage Money Exchange form.

I have yet to implement other money related features, but those will be added shortly. One that I want to add sooner rather than later is the ability to transfer money between characters. The GM will probably have this ability, but not the players themselves, as we don't want Players to go in and transfer money between their own characters where such a thing would be impossible in the game world (ie they are on other sides of the world, or something).

I also want to add a banking system so characters can have some money on their person, and some stored away someplace else. However, in thinking about this further I question if this is really all that useful a feature. Not sure. Thoughts on that are welcome.

Thanks for a great idea Chris. I agree, this goes a long way toward allowing GMs to create their own worlds that comprehensively feel like their own.
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