Disengaging and Subdual

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Disengaging and Subdual

Postby vbwyrde on Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:39 pm

Disengaging from Combat, Subduing & Disarming

Sometimes Characters get themselves in over their heads in combat and decide to turn their tails and run, in order to live to fight another day. This is always a risky maneuver and is often the deciding factor in regards to fatal outcomes. Turning your back on the enemy is most often a bad idea. But sometimes it is worth the risk, given situations where death seems imminent and certain. When the Character attempts to disengage, any opponents currently engaged with the Character can take Parting Back Attacks as the Character turns to run, and the Disengaging Character gets no return blow. An attempt to avoid the parting shots of the opponent(s) is possible, and so there are three Disengagement Techniques used for that purpose.

The Initiative Trick can be used if the disengaging Character wins the Combat Initiative. He will defer Movement to the opponent who does not use it because he instead intends to continue with the attack. The Disengaging Character then uses his movement turn to pivot (-1 Movement) and run the maximum distance with his remaining Movement Points (for human that would be 5 remaining Grid units), forsaking his attack in order to escape. (Note: this also may include throwing one's shield as that will give the character more movement points, but at the same time open them up to the dreaded back attack - which is why turning to run is risky and often fatal). The combat Melee, being over, now calls for a new Initiative Roll. If the Character wins the Initiative again then he uses his movement to run away. Assuming they have equal movement points the opponent can now no longer catch up with him.

Distract & Run is used when the Character has lost the initiative. He points at something behind the opponent and yells something like, “Look out!” and if the opponent falls for it he is distracted and looks the other way. The Character can then turn tail and run off without penalty. The Character’s ability to do this is based on their Wisdom + Level, which acts as their Attack Level, and the opponents Wisdom + Level acts as his Armor Class, and is rolled as such. Success means disengaging without taking a Parting Shot. If fighting more than one opponent then each must be rolled individually.

Bash & Run is where the Character bashes with a shield or shoves the opponent instead of attacking, and if successful can then pivot and run away. It is rolled as per a normal combat attack using Attack Level vs. Armor Class. If successful it does no damage, but allows the Character to escape without taking a Parting Shot. It can, however, only be used against one opponent.

Subduing: When a Character in Combat falls below 2 Life or Mystic Points, the attacker has the option to ‘Subdue’ the opponent if he hits by not rolling for damage, and instead announcing the opponent Subdued. In this case the opponent is considered disarmed and cannot attempt to counter attack without incurring a –4AL and –4 AC penalty in the combat thereafter.

Note: there could be a Feat that allows for a Free Disengage. I'm thinking of a 3 SLP Feat that costs 3 MP. Don't have a name for it yet. Suggestions?
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